Welcome to Sun Fruits Exports S.A.

Ica Valley, Peru


The Sun Fruits Group was born when two traditional families from Ica decided to take up the challenge to join the production chain and bring their produce from the fields to the most demanding international markets. The result was the integration of the field production with a state-of-the-art processing plant to satisfy the needs of the Group, provide services to other producers and contribute to the development of the domestic fruit farming and agricultural industry.

Such growth enabled the generation of new sources of direct income for over 1,000 families, thus contributing not only to the local economy but also to the creation of new spaces for education and professional training.

This also brought about the opportunity for small and medium-sized agricultural producers to export their products to the most demanding markets, always meeting the highest standards of quality and competitiveness.

The trust and loyalty of our customers and suppliers have allowed us to consolidate as a company that is always at the forefront of innovation in the agricultural sector.

We owe all our achievements to the company’s main asset, our employees. Their support and dedication deserve our endless gratitude. The partners will continue on their quest for the consolidation and growth of the Group’s operations.

Thank you for being part of this undertaking. Our success so far would not have been possible without the proactive participation of all of you.

The Board of Directors of Sun Fruits Exports S.A.

Our History

Sun Fruits was incorporated in 2008 through the merge of two agricultural export companies based in the Ica Valley: Agricola Riachuelo and Agricola Don Luis. Both producers realized they needed to process, pack and export their grape production and to achieve high quality levels so they could meet the demands and standards of a very competitive market.

Until then, both companies would engage different packing plants to process their grapes for export. However, their capacity reached saturation point due to the industry growth. That was the pivotal point where Sun Fruits came up as the solution for the producers’ needs.

Given the increasing demand in Ica for grinding and cold storage services for export, Sun Fruits saw the opportunity to position as a processing plant for regional producers. What followed was an investment in infrastructure and human capital. Today, 70% of the volume processed at the plant is for export purposes.

In order to compete with major world producers as an equal market player, we needed not only to match and, whenever possible, exceed the quality of our products but also to meet the high standards and certifications required by each new market we wanted to target.

Sun Fruits today

We do not seek to become the largest, but the best.

Our growth is focused on supplementing the functionality of our fruit processing plant through the development of counter seasonal agricultural production programs to ensure the operational continuity of our packing and refrigeration infrastructure, and therefore, the job stability of our employees.

We run an integrated operation; from the production in the field and the service plant, ensuring control throughout all stages to guarantee quality products, to the final delivery to our customers, with the greatest care and attention needed in order to ensure the best quality and condition on delivery

Sun Fruits is a company conceived to grow based on the demand of products and services from our internal and external customers. Constant development is the key to meet the expectations of agricultural companies across all regions of Peru that seek to export their products. We are also introducing new crop varieties to broaden our portfolio to keep up with the needs of our international clients.

As a result, our processing and production capacity continue to increase year after year, thanks to the trust placed on us by our business partners in Peru and around the globe, and to the dedication of our employees.

Our Corporate Culture

In Sun Fruits, we are convinced that the best strategy for business growth and development is to foster organizational values and development among our employees and customers.

Therefore, we undertook a digital transformation and continuous improvement process that involves the participation of all our employees. We are also embracing commitment, trust, proactivity and inclusion as part of our organizational culture which is growing within our day-to-day activities. We are proud to be part of a passionate team that focuses on results for the satisfaction of our customers.

Our purpose

Contribute with quality products and services for a better and healthier world


Become the most efficient and eco-friendly agricultural export company and a regional leader in terms of environmental care, by producing, packing and exporting the produce from the fields to the most demanding markets, and meeting all the technical and quality specifications required by the different consumers and regulators in the countries where we ship our products. To achieve this, we are committed to a continuous improvement program in all our activities.


Become a producer, packer and marketer of a variety of fruits recognized by excellence in the markets that import them, having a quality stamp that highlights the excellent conditions of presentation and preservation of our fruits as fresh products.
The pursuit of the common good guides our operations, without neglecting the goal of efficient growth.

Our Values

In Sun Fruits, we foster the following values:

Mutual respect
Research and Development
Continuous innovation
Passion for what we do
360-Degree Communication
Pleasant working environment
Permanent challenge the Status Quo
Continuous learning and training
Absolute commitment to the environment
work with the local community
Ongoing development of our employees

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